Friday, July 26, 2013

Very Interesting Signs

A friend sent me these pictures today of signs posted in Africa. I don't know exactly where someone could find these signs, but some of them are pretty funny. I thought I'd share them.

It hurts just reading this sign. Ouch!     
Very interesting Lanterns

Pretty sure I'll pass on this restaurant

I think the boneless bananas are more expensive

This policy actually makes sense to me 

Enough Said

Absolutely no drinking and driving

Tax dollars hard at work

I actually like this one

I think this is very good advice

Alrighty Then

Can you hear me now?

Wow, this is really lazy

Never really thought about it this way

You won't find this at Krogers

No sign required!

Now you know how I spend my time. Hope you got a good laugh from this pictures.

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