Friday, July 26, 2013

Very Interesting Signs

A friend sent me these pictures today of signs posted in Africa. I don't know exactly where someone could find these signs, but some of them are pretty funny. I thought I'd share them.

It hurts just reading this sign. Ouch!     
Very interesting Lanterns

Pretty sure I'll pass on this restaurant

I think the boneless bananas are more expensive

This policy actually makes sense to me 

Enough Said

Absolutely no drinking and driving

Tax dollars hard at work

I actually like this one

I think this is very good advice

Alrighty Then

Can you hear me now?

Wow, this is really lazy

Never really thought about it this way

You won't find this at Krogers

No sign required!

Now you know how I spend my time. Hope you got a good laugh from this pictures.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just Released, Robby's Quest: Ocean Bound Audio Book

Our second Audio Book, Robby's Quest: Ocean Bound, narrated by Tracy Elman, was released July 23, 2013 at

The Audio version will also be available at and for iTunes in the near future. To listen to a short sample from the book and to purchase this title, please click here

The second book contains more dialog than the first book. As the characters speak to each other, Tracy does an amazing job of changing voices effortlessly and creatively. Cathy and I hope you will take the time to listen to the sample audio clip. 

If you decide to purchase either Robby's Quest for Seed or Robby's Quest: Ocean Bound, please leave a review if you have time. The third Audio book, Robby's Quest: Return of the Cat is in production.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

FREE Children's eBook

Book one, from the Robby’s Quest children’s storybook series, written by D.C. Rush, illustrated in color by Daniela Frongia, will be available July 23, 2013 through July 25, 2013 for FREE from

Robby is a Robin who has teamed up with his brother Ricky and some other birds, namely the perky Sparrow family, a group of Mourning Doves and Benny the Blackbird. In this story, the group of life-long feathery friends decided to fly south to Florida for the winter.
Along the way, Joy, the youngest Sparrow, strays from the flock and lands in the backyard of Hershey, a very determined and hungry cat. Her parents and some of the other birds form a search party and hope they find her before it’s too late.
The birds continue on their journey, only to discover their winter home has been destroyed by a hurricane. There’s no food and nowhere to build a nest. The little flock is hungry and exhausted. Should the birds stay and hope for the best? Or should they use their last energy to carry on flying west to Arizona?

Robby’s Quest for Seed is a story about leadership, teamwork and friendship that both parents and children will enjoy.
Enjoy your free eBook.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adventures of Abygail

In the summertime, people from Phoenix love to get away from the heat and drive north. While the temperature in Phoenix is 110 degrees or hotter, it may only be 90 degrees in Payson or Flagstaff. 

Abby is learning at a very young age (2 months old) to retreat north to cool herself off. This past weekend Abygail went on her very first camping trip. Here's an update on Abby roughing it!

Abby spent most of her time up north making sure her parental units behaved themselves so she doesn't have to worry about sharing her room with another baby just yet. Abby did an amazing job keeping everyone safe and warm. 

Abby, supervising the installation of the tent. 


Abby, keeping her mother from getting lost

Abby, making sure her mother is bundled up

After teaching her daddy how to build a fire, 
here's Abby kicking back to rest.

Abby enjoying the beautiful day!

The thin air sure makes me sleepy. 

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 children's storybook series. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guy Stuff

Every now and then I decide to go off script and blog about something other than children, grandchildren and books. When I found these pictures on Pinterest, I knew had to share them.

How would you like to have your staff meetings in this conference room? If you've been in some of the meetings I've been in, probably not!

This one reminds me of the cement pond the Beverly Hillbillies used on their show. Now, all we need is Ellie May.

There is nothing cozier than a four-poster, propane tank bed made from the grill of a GMC Truck. Awesome!

What truck driver wouldn't want this in their man cave?

An incredible room with three very impressive muscle toys. The room is beautiful but the furnishings make the room! 

How's this for the perfect coffee table. I'd be proud to sit a beverage on the top of this table!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aubree Update

It has been two weeks since the birth of our newest granddaughter, Aubree. I just wanted to update our Blog with a couple new pictures.


Aubree is the very definition of pretty in pink. She goes back to the Doctor this Friday but on her last checkup, she was back to her birth weight of 6 pounds, 14 ounces and is 19 1/2" long. More news this weekend.

New Book Update 

Cathy and I just finished writing our fourth book, Robby's Quest: Thrills and ChillsThis book is dedicated to both Aubree and Abygail. The manuscript is at the editor for proof-reading and editing, then off to the illustrator. This book offers many opportunities for some very beautiful and unusual illustrations. 

In this story, our birds travel north along the coastal highway of California, all the way to San Francisco. During their travels, the birds must overcome several very dangerous obstacles, however they also receive some help along the way from their new friends, Rhonda the Red Fox, Simon the Seagull, Ellie the Eagle and Ollie the Owl. This book is full of thrills and chills, our young readers are sure to enjoy. 

Cathy and Don are co-authors of the Robby's Quest children's storybook series.